Apr 01, 2019

'A winning candidate from the UNP': There is no talk about Ranil Featured

Lakshman Kiriella, Leader of the House,  Minister of Public Enterprises Development, Udarata Heritage and Kandy Development said that the United National Party (UNP) will field a contestant to the forthcoming presidential election who can surely win.

The minister made these comments at a ceremony held at the Kandy General Post Office Auditorium today (31st).

Kiriella said that the opposition was very good at back stabbing and according to an agreement reached at the Party Leaders' meeting, the MPs did not cast their vote believing the Opposition. Finally, votes of two ministries were defeated.

It is not new that defeat of votes of Ministries and Ratnasiri Wickremanayake's and Arumugam Thondaman's ministries too had been defeated, he said. But under standing orders in parliament such circumstances can be corrected.