Apr 01, 2019

A member of Director of Directors of Perpetual Treasuries absconding   Featured

It is reported that the Criminal Investigation Department has begun investigations to find out another Director of the Perpetual Treasuries Pvt Limited, Ajan Gardiya Punchihewa, who was to be arrested on the 25th of this month, and had gone out of the country.

The Attorney General's Department had given the instructions on the 14th of this month to the Criminal Investigation Department to arrest a group of suspects including Punchihewa on the 25th. The suspects will be prosecuted for the removal of computer evidence and phone records relating to the bond scam.

In addition, AG Department sources state that a legal action will be taken in the near future against a person named Shanil Nettikumara, a suspect of the bond scam, who threatened Anika Wijesooriya and her brother Vijitha Wijesuriya, regarding the fraudulent bond issue.