Apr 02, 2019

Sri Lanka is a ‘nation favourable to the Sinhala Buddhist majority’ –ICG (video) Featured

After ten years since the end of the war, Sri Lanka being a country that favours the Sinhala Buddhist majority is detrimental to its progress, an NGO head has warned.

The Project Director of International Crisis Group (ICG) Alan Keenan made this statement to the Tamil media after a tour of the North Eastern province and border villages.

Having visited the war monument in Mulliwaikkal where the last fight occurred and meeting with residents fighting for the release of their ancestral lands in Keppapilavu and the protesting families of the missing persons, he had determined that the government is still discriminating the Tamil and Muslim people.

“Many things have improved”

“Having visited many places and having studied the country for many years, one thing is clear that there have been lots of positive changes since the end of the war,” Alan Keenan told journalists.

“There is no more fighting, mass killings and bombs going off. I think this is a good thing for all communities. However, one thing is clear and that is that the Tamil people still feel that the issues that led to the war are still not been addressed such as not having self-governance and the fact that many have no secure place of their own. These issues have not been resolved.

The Sri Lankan Government’s structure clearly indicates the favouration towards the Sinhala Buddhist majority which is strongly felt by the minority Tamils and Muslims.

This was clearly manifested in the recent Kandy and Digana clashes. If a system is not formulated where every community is incorporated and the government structure is formed in that manner, I am disgruntled that there could be further issues.”

Alan Keenan said if these issues are not resolved there could be a recurrence of the issues, he warned.