Apr 05, 2019

'Communication can be a development tool, if handled by professionals'

He was speaking at the Asia Media Cooperation Conference held on the sidelines of the BOAO forum for Asia 2019, in Boao, Hainan, China last week.

Mr. Wijeratne raised a very valid point by questioning although media delivered to their audience on a day today basis, what guarantee existed to prove that the audience actually consumed whatever the media delivered.

"How you deliver information, or analyzing how people consume information is a technological debate... And you can't take decisions on technology for tomorrow, today because that environment is very dynamic. I believe in this debate we forget one fundamental... That is the human factor of this whole equation. I believe communication can become a tool of development or used for any other purpose if handled by professional media persons."

While deliberating on how to deliver, it is also important to understand and concentrate on the capacity building of media professionals and empower them to select what to deliver and how to deliver, he added.

He further noted the importance of the enhancing the quality of content creators as well as creating a powerful regional network and a common comprehensive information database in the asian region.

Breaking barriers in an “Omni-media Era”

The Asia Media Cooperation Conference, held under the theme 'International communication in an Omni-media Era’ and was attended by prominent media representatives across the region. Addressing the gathering, Guo Weimin, vice minister of China’s State Council Information Office emphasized that the rise of digital media should not be seen as a threat to traditional media, but rather a boost for common prosperity. He also called on Asian media to enhance exchanges and innovation in the “Omni-media Era” by advancing innovation through adopting new technology.

In the Omni media age, we need to reach consensus and share best practices to create more cooperation, Guo added.

Meanwhile, Ms. Zhong Hui - head of the department of media and culture with Boao Forum for Asia said new technology should break down barriers and strengthen the media industry in Asia.

(Photos & Video : Shanika Jayasekara from China)

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