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Jan 10, 2017

Reasons for high coconut prices unknown? Featured

Sri Lankans cannot do without coconut in their meals, but these days they using coconut with care, as the price of a coconut has soared to between Rs. 60 and Rs. 80.

KapilakahadawalaWe spoke to Coconut Cultivation Board Kapila Yakandawala about these high prices, but he could not give an exact reason.

It could have been that production has declined due to the drought, but the consumption and demand remain high both locally and internationally, according to him.

CCB’s aim is to raise national coconut production by 3,600 million nuts by 2020, and various projects are underway to reach that target.

A long-term plan is to increase cultivation by 10,000 acres annually.

Also, measures are being taken to face a drought situation and to conserve soil quality in coconut cultivations, Yakandawala added.

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