Apr 18, 2019

SriLankan airhostesses aborted due to HR Manager

Former senior air hostess Yasantha Naomi Alwis giving witnesses before the Presidential Commission on SriLankan and Mihin Lanka Airlines yesterday (Jan. 17) said that she had to resign from permanent cadre in 2012 due to influences of the Human Resources Division of the Sri Lankan airline due to her pregnancy.

She has pointed out that the conduct of the organization was unfair and unlawful.

Pradeep Kekulawala, then HR manager at the company's HR department has informed her to resign from the position without wasting his time, causing her a severe inconvenience.

She revealed that there were instances of resorting for abortions by female employees who had been forced by the HR department and she said that she does not intend to reveal their names.

She said that she had no intention of resigning as she was a flight attendant who had been confirmed in the service following a contract period of three years of service.

When she learned that she is pregnant, on the recommendations of Dr. Aathka Ranatunga, she had informed the Sri Lankan Airlines immediately and requested two year no-pay leave.

She also said that on April 16, 2012, she had sent her resignation letter to the SriLankan Airline due to the pressure mounted by the HR department and Pradeep Kekulawala was not aware of the law.

She further told the Commission that she later joined SriLankan Airlines and now she is working as a senior airhostess.

The Commission sat under the leadership of former Supreme Court Judge Anil Gunaratne at around 10.00 am yesterday (17th).