Apr 21, 2019

Rajapaksas usually re-awaken at the scent of blood - Mangala

Minister of Finance - Mangala Samaraweera says that it is very clear that the tragic, series of bombings on Easter Sunday is an organized act, and not that of a single individual.

In a public statement condemning the string of bombings that happened across the island earlier today (21), he said that this is a blow targeting the triple pillars of reconciliation, democracy and development, erected by the 'Good Governence' government.

He added that it is very clear that the motives of these attacks are to shatter the reconciliation between masses and to hamper the present development drive.

The minister also urged not to media not to circulate photos of the dead and to report responsibility.

"There might be some politicians who enjoy such persons. I learnt that the opposition leader - Mahinda Rajapaksa is engaged in looking at the bombing victims and that the Rajapaksas usually re-awaken at the scent of blood,” he said.


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