Apr 25, 2019

Suicide bomber’s story told to his mother

The son of affluent businessman who was attacking two leading hotels in Colombo on the last Easter day has sent a voice clip to his mother.

In his voice clip it has been recorded that "I'm sorry, I'm committing suicide for my own religion".

The voice clip was found at the Dematagoda house when search operation conducted.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the two terrorists who were carrying out suicide bomb attacks in Colombo Cinnamon Grand and Shangri-La hotels had also been brothers.

They had been living in a luxurious house in Dematagoda and they were wealthy businessmen.

It has been revealed that these terrorists owned several factories, spice export arms and several other businesses.

After the attack, during the search operation at their Dematagoda house and one of the terrorists' wife had killed herself with her three children exploding a bomb.

The parents of the two brothers and their family members were arrested by the Colombo Crimes Division and subsequently handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department for further investigations.

The Ibrahim family's spice business is known as "Ishana Spice Exports". They mainly export spices to Pakistan, India, Dubai and the United States. Pepper, Nutmeg, Salamis, Clove, Arecanut, Gorka, etc. are purchased and exported from Sri Lanka. Most of these purchases are obtained through intermediaries from farmers in Kandy and Matale. Their business during last 35 years had built a trusted relationship with Sinhala villages.

Sinhalese farmers are waiting for this Thambi Mudalali to sell their crops. Ishana Mudalali is regarded as a respected businessman who exports many spice container per month. But due to the recent incident his clothes were stripped off and ended up in shame. Not only Ishana Mudalali but also some other powerful politicians too were revealed.