Apr 26, 2019

SLC has too much money: SLC advertising cost 16 million Featured

The Sri Lanka Cricket officials are said to be planning to spend around Rs. 50 million for congratulatory promotions for the Sri Lanka team heading to the World Cup tournament, it is reported.

A song has also been compiled for this purpose.

SLC has already paid Rs. 16 million to an advertising firm for electronic and print media advertising.

It is said that an SLC official is behind this campaign and he is said to be connected to a television station and having close ties with this advertising firm.

During the past World Cup tournament too, SLC had spent a colossal sum of money for a lavish send off. However, the Sri Lankan team failed to even qualify for the final round.

Although the Chairman of SLC has protested about the colossal expenditure, due to pressure from higher government sources, he has retracted his objections, according to SLC internal sources.

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