Apr 26, 2019

"New laws to ban the NTJ: What expedited the attack?" Featured

Maithripala Sirisena says he will bring in a new bill since the existing laws are not enough to ban the National Tawheed Jamaat (NTJ).

The President has stressed that the talented lawyers of the country have been entrusted the task of drafting laws in this regard and if amendments should be made, the draft will be subject to the Attorney General's Department and subsequently it will be presented to the parliament.

The President said that he has been studying the laws of Australia and Singapore for the banning the ISIS and its affiliated organizations.

However, the President has emphasized that the NTJ can be prohibited under emergency law, but, even the organization is banned, it will be in effect till the prevailing emergency law exists.

Why the attack was hasty?

The President has said that the program, which led to the eliminate drug menace expedited the attack carried out in Sri Lanka.

"Religious extremism and drug trafficking have intricate and close relationship. Religious extremism, international illegal drug trafficking, and international arm racket are interwoven.

Drugs and terrorism are closely linked. Illegal drug trafficking was the major source of income for the LTTE.

He was speaking at a meeting held with newspaper editors and heads of media institutions.