Apr 27, 2019

‘Info. on Kalmunai suspects given by mosque’

Information regarding the suspicious persons in the Kalmunai, Saindamarudu area and the places they resided had been given to the security forces by the mosque in the area and the other Muslim residents, a senior Defence Ministry official told Sri Lanka Mirror.

He said that the youth in the area had provided details of this suspicious group who had rented houses in the area recently to the police and the district secretary. Further the youth of the area are said to be rendering the fullest support to the security forces in their effort to maintain peace in the area.

The Defence official said that the assistance rendered to the security forces by the Muslim community in the East should be highly appreciated.

Samanthurai tip-off!

Meanwhile, the police had recovered a large number of items from a house in Samanthurai, Ampara believed to belong to suicide bombers on a tip-off given by a group of Muslim youths.

They had recovered a set of clothing similar to the ones worn by the suicide bombers shown in the video, the screen suspected to be the one seen in the video, over 150 gelignite sticks, over 100,000 metal balls, a van, drone camera and a lap top, Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara said.

The search operation was launched based on information received by the intelligence units.