Apr 28, 2019

Fake news creators to be arrested: Pohottu MP is in a kettle of fish Featured

The Ministry of Defense says that the law will be strictly enforced against, against individuals and groups who round false rumors or propagate false information under emergency regulations.
The announcement was made in a special announcement to the public.
The following is the announcement.
Member of Parliament of Pohottuwa says 11 Army personnel killed
Meanwhile, Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera, yesterday, has lodged a complaint at the CID to carry out an inquiry into the false statement made by Parliamentarian Piyal Nishantha who provoked the people saying that the Saindamarudu area has been a blood bath, and 11 war heroes had died.
MP of the United People's Freedom Alliance Piyal Nishantha (representing the SLPP) participating a discussion program aired over the Swarnavahini TV channel on Saturday (26), said that "The whole country is terrified as 11 war heroes who save the country have been killed.
He also emphasized that he is responsible about his claim of death of 11 army personnel in a battle between security forces and terrorists at Saindamarudu in Kalmune.
However, none of the security personnel were killed or at least no casualties were reported to the security forces, the Ministry of Defense said.
Was there a secret goal?
Minister Samaraweera has told the CID that it is clear that the statement made by the MP is meant to  mislead the public to spread racial or religious hatred, with utterly inaccurate information.
He added that the statement has been made to fulfill an opportunist narrow-minded political cause, committing destructive or disruptive activities.
Therefore, making such statements over the public media at present is a grave crime in the face of the prevailing social security situation in our country. Hence, if there was secret goal behind the Piyal Nishantha’s statement, He urged the CID to take legal action immediately.
Complaint filed by the Minister of Finance to the Criminal Investigation Department
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