Apr 29, 2019

Sports Ministry limits expenditure based on Finance Ministry order Featured

The Sports Ministry said that during the next few months this year they would control their expenditure as much as possible.

The Director General of Sports Dammika Muthugala said this decision was taken as all funds allocated for upcoming main tournaments would need to be saved.

He said by this year’s budget only a limited amount of funds had been allocated for the Sports Ministry.

He said the Sports Ministry had been instructed to spend for the development of skills of the sportsmen and women, but to curtail the expenditure on other wasteful expenditure.

The Finance Ministry had agreed to allocate additional funds through an estimate for the upcoming SAARC games in Nepal, where a large contingent of sports men and women are expected to participate from Sri Lanka, he said.

It is also reported that the allocations for sports clubs would also be curtailed during the next few months.

However, according to a sports expert, the curtailing of funds to clubs would be a death blow to them as they would have to spend for the training and maintenance of sports men and women for the upcoming SAARC games.