May 02, 2019

Lotteries sellers devastated (Pics)

The sales outlets of the Development Lottery Board and the National Lotteries Board that are in crowded places in cities will be removed.

Some urban councils and municipal councils have decided to remove the such outlets, due to security situation following the Easter Sunday attack.

The number of sales outlets removed from the Ratnapura town is 17 and from the Matale town 27. Though prior message had been given in Rathnapura no information has been given in Matale.

Many people have lost their livelihoods and no alternatives have been put forward by the authorities.

People who sell lottery tickets stay 12 hours in their outlets and the authorities have not paid attention on using for them to tighten security in cities.

The lottery boards have already notified the situation to the Presidential Secretary, the Defense Secretary and the IGP.

The following photographs show how the sales premises being removed using Backhoes.