May 02, 2019

Zahran's sister who wept crocodile tears in BBC, arrested

Mastermind of the Easter Sunday attack Mohamed Zahran's sister Mohamed Casim Mohamed Niyaz Madaniya has been arrested at Kattankudy Batticaloa yesterday (01).

Police found Rs. 20 lakhs in her possession.

She had said a few days before the attack Zahran had given her the money.

Earlier she had criticized Zahran and his actions.

Speaking to the BBC Sinhala Service, she had said: "I knew about his activities from media, and I never thought that he would do such a thing. I cannot think what will happen next... I totally oppose what he has done, and he is my brother, but I cannot accept this. I will not think of him later on. "

A few days earlier, Gafoor, Zahran's driver, was also taken into police custody.

Madaniya had commented to the BBC:

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