May 05, 2019

150kg Kerala ganja found in Jaffna

The 55 Division of Sri Lanka Army has seized 150kg of Kerala ganja in Chale, Jaffna based on a tip. 
The army has received information on 3 individuals who arrived in Chale on a boat and one had been carrying a backpack.Following a search the army has discovered the backpack which was abandoned.
As the bag was discovered a resident of the area has photographed the bag and the army officials. Subsequently, the army has arrested the said individual as well.However,by the time of the arrest he had already circulated the photographs in social media.
Reportedly, 55 Division has handed over the suspect and the bag to Police Special Task Force.
However, since the suspect was not arrested in possession of marijuana it is highly likely that he will be released.
The suspect was allegedly attached to Sea Tigers of LTTE, reports say.