May 06, 2019

'Gota's report matter was already implemented by govt.' Featured

The report handed over by the Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa to President Maithripala Sirisena containing proposals to avert another attack such as the Easter Sunday attack. However, the proposals contained in that report have already been implemented by the government, a senior Defence Ministry official said.

This report had been handed over to the President by the Opposition Leader on May 03rd and had been prepared by former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and his group of retired military leaders.

Not considered crime protection!

Subsequently, President Sirisena had discussed the report with the current military heads, while some of the military leaders had discussed the contents of this report in a humorous manner.
It was revealed that the report handed over by the opposition was mainly not focussed on defeating terrorism but to safeguard the former military personnel from charges of extortion, abductions and disappearances.

The military leaders had also told the President that the proposals in that report are not practical and outdated.

Modern terrorism not properly identified!

Joining the discussion, the senior officers of the military had told the President that the proposals contained in the report had been implemented in full already, adding that many other factors not included in the report had also been implemented already.
They had also pointed out that the basis to defeat terrorism contained in the report was also wrong.
According to reports, Gota’s retired military leaders had based the proposals to defeat ISIS on the same manner that the LTTE was defeated.

Tactics used to defeat the LTTE cannot be used on ISIS!

The current military leaders had said that it is a weak proposal to suggest defeating the ISIS in the same manner the LTTE was defeated.

It was their opinion that if the same methods used to defeat the LTTE are used to defeat the present day terrorists, this war will drag on.

Further, the military leaders had said that even the defeat of the LTTE is not yet completed, adding that it is a paralysed plan.

Gota’s clan’s paralysed plans!

The military leaders had noted that although the LTTE was militarily defeated, they have not been able to defeat their ideology.

Gotabhaya and his retired military theoreticians and media consultants have been defeated in the media war as they knew about winning the war partially, the military leaders had said.

They had said that these theoreticians are partially knowledgeable persons, adding that they are far more dangerous than the uneducated.
The military heads had said that as a result Gota had ended the war partially and this was the reason that eventually led to the military getting a bad name.

“No sooner the war was over, everything was messed up”

They had stated that it was the lack of proper knowledge of these theoreticians which had led to the international community accepting the views of the Tamil Diaspora. However, the current government is using proper streamlined methods in a developed and expedited manner which had led to the successful raids, arrests, discovery of such a large amount of explosives and other materials, the group of military leaders said.

It is due to this proper methodology by the government that the security forces have been able to confidently allow the schools to be reopened and it is the main reason that the Muslim community itself has had the confidence to provide the security forces with the required information for their operations.

“If Gota’s methods are followed, all Muslims will become suicide bombers”

The Muslim Maulavi’s had refused to grant these suicide bombers proper religious rites at their burials, because of the proper strategies used by the current government, the security leaders had stated.

However, if Gota’s methods were deployed, all Muslims would have become suicide bombers, they said.

During this meeting they had also discussed many other issued concerting the retired military personnel.

Intention of Gota’s group!

It was also revealed at this meeting that information is being leaked to the media regarding sensitive security operations by Gota’s allies with the aim of disrupting the security operations and preventing the capture of the enemy. They said it was no secret that Gota’s media consultants are engaged in a operation to instigate and prolong the Muslim-Sinhala clashes until the Presidential election.

Further, these theories by Gota’s supporters are being spread among the public by advertising personnel who are being paid by them. They are constantly trying to show that there are threats and instil fear and hatred in people which would fuel racial and religious clashes. The security leaders noted that this is an disloyal agenda by the Gota faction and their report is a half-baked solution to the current crisis.