May 06, 2019

“All those involved in terrorism should get death sentence” - Marikkar Featured

Those involved in terrorism wither nationally or internationally should be given capital punishment and for that the Sri Lankan laws should be revised expeditiously, said MO S.M. Marikkar.

He said this during an opening ceremony held in Kolonnawa.

“As a Sri Lankan I am ashamed of this situation. All those who aided and abated the terrorists to carry out these attacks should be punished no matter who they are. They can be politicians or anyone else, but the law should be implemented against them.

Similarly, if the laws in Sri Lanka are insufficient to punish anyone or group engaged in terrorism locally or internationally, then these laws should be revised. Hence, these amendments should be submitted to parliament immediately.

“National Security should be above all”

Those involved in terrorism should be given the capital punishment. Especially if the death sentence is to be implemented against drug smugglers, as national security is of greater importance, those engaged in terrorism should also be given the death sentence. If anyone opposes it, then we shall see at that time.

Currently, the security forces and police are making headway in these investigations and now what we need to do is motivate and support the security forces.”