May 08, 2019

Pelawatte Sugar Company tense over suspicion on officer

Around 3000 employees of the Pelawatte Sugar Company had staged a protest yesterday (07) surrounding the main office demanding that the Operations Officer A.S. Deen be sacked for having held a secret meeting with 13 other Muslim workers.

Due to the tense situation that arose the Buttala Police had been called, but as they too could not bring the situation under control, the Army had to be called in.

The security forces had managed to bring the said Muslim officer out of the factory under police protection.

Later, the Buttala Police STF and Kumbukkana Army camp officers had conducted a search operation and found five sets of VIP security uniforms, five walkie talkies, five chargers, two red switches and two gloves in one of the sugarcane plantations belonging to the Sugar Company. One suspect was arrested in connection with the discovery of these items.