May 09, 2019

All party government amidst bomb scare! Featured

A group of senior SLFP members had suggested to the President to form an all-party government for a short period to rebuild the country that has been destabilised by the Easter Sunday bombings, a senior Presidential Secretariat official told Sri Lanka Mirror.

He said this group had told the President that a general election could be called thereafter and that the support of the SLPP could also be obtained.

They had also told the President that a group of UNP-MPs had also expressed their support for such an all-party government and therefore, the issue of majority in parliament would not arise. The spokesman said that however, they had not indicated who the Prime Minister would be in such an all-party government.

Amunugama says it openly:

Addressing parliament yesterday (08) SLFP-MP Dr. Sarath Amunugama called on the President to form an all-party government comprising persons such as Sarath Fonseka and Patali Champika Ranawaka who possess technical knowledge.

Joining the debate on the current security situation in the country, Amunugama said if the government has any self-respect they should all resign including the Prime Minister.

If they do not resign, he called on the President to oust them and form an all-party government representing all political parties and if that too is not possible he suggested an early election.

He said if the President is unable to hold an election either, an early presidential election should be held and the people should be given the opportunity to decide.

Amunugama received a warm response from the Joint Opposition MPs.