May 11, 2019

“Muslim Phobia should be managed” – President’s Advisor

The only way to save the Muslim society from Wahabism and Jihadism is through the 95% of the general Muslim population who follow moderate Islam, said Senior Presidential Advisor Attorney Shiral Laktillake.

What needs to be done is to stop the Islam phobia in the country and create an environment where the Muslims can live confidently without shame, he said.

Thirdly, it is the responsibility of all government officials to issue directives to the security forces to ensure that the human rights of all Muslims is safeguarded during security operations, he pointed out.

He noted that while it is the task of the security forces to identify their terrorist targets and strike, all the other measures should also be carried out simultaneously.

He made these comments addressing the Amsterdam Dialogue in Netherland. He said the terror attacks on April 21st snatched the peace obtained in 2009 and the liberal freedom in one blow.

Will Jihadist extremism swallow up Sri Lanka?

I view the terror attack as a joint operation by the ISIS terror group and the Sri Lankan Jihad terror group.

All Sri Lankans hope this terror will end with this incident. However, if this scourge is to be contained, Sri Lanka should take a three pronged measure.

That is;

1. The military and security operations against the terrorists based on intelligence information.

2. Take measures to prevent a Sinhala-Muslim clash.

3. Get rid of the Jihad extremism which is having an impact on the Muslim society and de-radicalization.

However, through this situation we are facing today it is evident that we need a paradigm shift.

 Zones with highest Muslim population:

Although there are 1.9 million Muslims live in Sri Lanka but in South Asia, those following Islam is a mere 600 million and is the region with the highest population of Muslims.

However, these Muslim communities have coexisted with other races peacefully for decades.

However, this radical Islam being spread through the Middle East is destabilising this peaceful coexistence.

Even if we are able to eradicate the Thawheed Jamath in Sri Lanka, other groups are bound to bloom.