May 11, 2019

‘If this incident happened during my time, I would have resigned’ Featured

The Easter Sunday attacks was not the result of the inefficiency of the intelligence sources or their weakness, said State Administration and Disaster Management Minister Ranjith Maddumabandara.

He made this comment addressing a ceremony held in Monaragala.

The Minister said if he was holding the post of Law and Order Minister during this attack, he would have resigned by now.

He said the some parties were blaming the current government claiming that they had weakened the intelligence units and trying to create a boogie man out of this situation.

Minister Madduma Bandara said the current government had never treated the soldiers unfairly and had never arrested any of them for having carried out their professional duties.

Even the media personnel have been granted complete freedom to report under this government, but certain media has resorted to misusing this freedom, the minister said.