May 15, 2019

Warning by the TNA! Featured

Issuing a statement, TNA-MP M.A. Sumanthiran said if urgent measures are not taken against the perpetrators of the recent riots which claimed one life, there is a danger of those affected taking the law onto their own hands.

He condemned the attacks which had targeted Muslim homes, businesses and mosques over the past two days and expressed regret regarding these violence being perpetrated during curfew in the presence of security forces.

He warned that if the people lose faith in the government and feel the government and the security forces are unable or uninterested in ensuring their security, they would have to see to their own safety.

Therefore, he urged the government not to allow this situation to reach that level. “Don’t push another community in this country to the point where they must fight for the right to live. There should not be room for terrorism of any kind, be it terrorism which targets churches or terrorism which targets mosques,”