May 18, 2019

Buddhists worldwide celebrate Vesak today! Featured

All Sri Lankan Buddhists will celebrate the 2563rd Vesak festival today (18).

Vesak signifies the three most important milestones in the life of Gautama Buddha – His birth, enlightenment and Parinirvana (Nirvana after death).

Every temple in the country will carry out Dana (offering of food), Sheela (religious observance), meditation, offertory and Buddhist sermons from early this morning in view of the Vesak celebrations.

Due to the Easter Sunday attacks, an appeal has been made to celebrate Vesak this more in tune with religious observances and meritorious activities as a policy rather than extravagance.

The state Vesak festival was held yesterday and today at the Hikkaduwa, Thelwatte, Thotagamuwa Ranpath Raja Maha Viharaya under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

The ceremony at the Ranpath Viharaya last evening was held under the patronage of the Chief prelates of the three Nikayas and the Ranpath Viharaya was names as a sacred ground.

While the Vesak festival has been a national holiday since 1885, in 2000 it was declared an international holiday.