May 18, 2019

Teach us the Holy Quran on TV- Attanayake M. Herath Featured

Professor Attanayake M. Herath appealed to all Muslim Moulavis’ to take at least five minutes per day on all TV channels and educate the country on the Quran.

He said this during the Amadahara programme on Swarnavahini.

He noted that there is suspicion about the Quran as people are not aware of its teachings and urged the Muslim preachers to educate the people on the Quran’s teachings.

He said both Catholics and Muslims listen to Bana preaching, adding that if there are Quran teachings on TV people are bound to listen and understand.

Muslim terrorism silenced Beg’s voice!

Professor Attanayake said that usually during the Vesak season the Buddhist songs sung by Alhaj Mohideen Beg can be heard from every direction, but this time his voice has been silenced by Muslim terrorists and those who promoted them.

He noted that the Muslim people did not attack us, but we attacked their property, adding that those destructive elements cannot be Buddhists.

Muslims worship from the place Henakanda Queen was burried

Citing a historic story he said, the Kahatapitiya Historical Mosque where the Muslims pay homage is situated at the location Queen Henakanda was buried.