May 24, 2019

'Anidda' lead news, absolutely fake - Chinese Embassy Featured

Two weekend newspapers had given much attention to president Maithripala Sirisena’s recent tour in China.

In its lead news, the ‘Anidda’ newspaper had stated that President Sirisena had agreed during the tour to deploy Chinese military personnel to Sri Lanka.

The report adds that Chinese authorities had notified President Sirisena that they would be deploying 750 Chinese security personnel at the Chinese projects such as the Colombo Port City, Shangri La Hotel and Hambantota Port.

Fake News
However, when inquired from the Chinese embassy on their regard, Mr. Luo Chong, Chief of Political Section at the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka said that this is absolutely a fake news which is "totally groundless and wrong".

"As it is cleared mentioned, the agreement signed between China and Sri Lanka during President Sirisena's visit to Beijing is about the equipment, training and financial support," he clarified to 'Sri Lanka Mirror'.

"China highly values sovereignty and independence, always abides by the principle of non interfering in foreign countries," he further said.

India - US protest
Meanwhile, the 'Ravaya' newspaper reported that India and the US have expressed their displeasure over the agreement reached with China during president Sirisena’s China tour.

In addition to deploying security personnel, China is also expected to introduce a surveillance technology system that can monitor all communications, the newspaper had reported.