Jan 15, 2017

Fight on to safeguard Victorian era laws on sexuality Featured

A proposal to abolish the British-imposed ‘Victorian era’ repressive laws on sexuality has been extensively discussed in the cabinet, where several ministers strongly objected, saying the move will indirectly allow same-sex relationships.

The president too, took reservations to the proposal on the basis that anything that challenged the country’s Sinhala Buddhist culture should not be permitted.

The proposal titled ‘national action plan for the protection and promotion of human rights 2017-2021’ that is a prerequisite to regain the GSP+ export concession from the European Union was tabled to the cabinet by acting minister Dr. Harsha de Silva.

The report has to be submitted to the EU in order to implement 27 international treaties which have only been recognized in principle by Sri Lanka.

Government sources say the action plan will have to be amended due to the objections raised by the president that he would not agree to receive foreign aid on conditions that affected national security, sovereignty and culture.

The prime minister has agreed to amend the report, which was originally due to be handed over to the EU on January 12.