Jun 10, 2019

Another case against Pujith! Featured

The Defence Ministry has sought the advice of the Attorney General to determine if charges could be filed against the former IGP Pujith Jayasundara over his failure to take appropriate action to prevent the Easter Sunday terror attack despite having received information on it twelve days prior to the incident. Accordingly, the IG is said to have violated the 56.01 paragraph of the Police Ordinance.

Paragraph 56.1 of the Police Ordinance in one line states that maximum effort should be made to prevent crimes and public accidents while the other states that peace should be maintained.

The next clause states that all troublemakers and suspicious characters should be apprehended.

The next clause refers to gathering of information for the maintenance of peace and notification.

However, giving evidence before the Parliament Select Committee appointed to investigate the Easter Sunday terror attacks, Jayasundara admitted that he had notified the SIS Head and Director of Intelligence regarding the terror attacks in writing.

He also admitted that on April 20th the State intelligence Director had notified him regarding a suspected attack.