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Jan 17, 2017

Duminda Silva, 4 others, held separately, in alleged jailbreak plan! Featured

The CID has alleged a jailbreak plan by five prisoners on death row, including ex-MP Duminda Silva and ‘Dematagoda Chaminda.’

After the police made submissions in this regard, Colombo chief magistrate Lal Ranasinghe Bandara yesterday (16) ordered the superintendent and the head jailer of the Welikada Prison to give a statement to the CID.

The prisoners involved in the plan to escape are Anusha Thushara de Mel, Sirinayake Pathiranalage Chaminda Ravi Jayanath, Koville Gedara Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Sarath Bandara, C.M. Priyantha Janaka Bandara and Arumadura Lawrence Romelo Duminda Silva.

The CID conducted investigations on the attorney general’s advice into an electronic media report about their alleged plan.

The prison officers will be questioned over the security given to the five prisoners and if prison intelligence is aware of their planned jailbreak etc.

Sri Lanka Mirror did its own investigation and found the prisoners were being held in three different locations.

Duminda Silva is warded at Welikada prison hospital, while ‘Dematagoda Chaminda’ and Janaka Bandara are held at Kandy prison, and the other two at Welikada prison.

When asked if it is possible that five prisoners being held in three different locations could attempt a jailbreak together, a top prison official said that that question should be posed to the media institution that carried the news in question.

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