Jun 19, 2019

Giridaran commences treatment on injured Palamotaikulam elephant (photos)

Wildlife Department Veterinarian B. Giridaran had commenced treatment on an injured elephant which had been seen at the banks of the Vavuniya, Palamotaikulam tank.

The residents of the area said that the injured elephant had been seen in the area over the past eight days.

The people in the area had notified the wildlife officers having seen the injured animal.

Although the wildlife officers had come and inspected the injured elephant, the Northern Province Veterinarian had not come to treat the injured animal for the past eight days.

The residents claim that the elephant is in critical state and the wildlife officers are facing an embarrassing situation due to the delay of the veterinarian to treat the elephant.

(Madawa Kulasooriya- Vavuniya Corr.)