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Jan 17, 2017

Rajapaksas to buy registered websites Featured

A Rajapaksa family member has finalized the price to purchase a locally-registered website with a readership of between 35,000 and 50,000 per day, according to reports reaching 'Sri Lanka Mirror'.

The website in question has been in operation for some years now and has nearly 700,000 likes in its Facebook pages.

It is rumoured that the price has been set at Rs. 67 million, and the deal is to take place in a foreign country.

The Rajapaksas are reportedly planning to buy some other app-enabled popular websites as well, with the belief that they could carry their political messages to the public more easily through them.

Why Rajapaksas want websites now

In the meantime, Rajapaksa loyalists who are funding newspapers supporting the joint opposition have been told that as they have to spend a considerable capital to run the newspapers, they should sell them to businessmen loyal to the government and use the money thus collected to buy websites registered with the Ministry of Mass Media.

Another reason is that political activities promoted through the social media platform Facebook could undergo a filtering process in view of the substantial contribution it has made to the change in political opinion in the US and other capitalist countries.

Therefore, it is learnt that app-enabled, locally registered websites will become useful for the Rajapaksas to spread their political message among the public, even if the government decides to impose barriers on Facebook in the future.

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