Jun 25, 2019

“ Samurdhi recipients are not charged”

Minister of Social Empowerment Daya Gamage said that no money is being charged from Samurdhi beneficiaries by the government.

Addressing a media conference today (25), he said this is illegal and if any Samurdhi officer demands for any money the public should complain to the police or the Samurdhi ministry.

He said, “I get numerous complaints from all parts of the country that Samurdhi officers are demanding for money from recipients for various services. However, there is no need for anyone to pay for Samurdhi benefits. Initially to join the Samurdhi Society one has to pay Rs. 120 which is Rs. 100 joining fee and Rs. 20 is the monthly subscription. Then the recipient can go to a Samurdhi Bank and open an account with Rs. 100.Then I expect that the Samurdhi payment would be deposited in their account by July 30th. However, if anyone is collecting additional money for any service, please complain to the nearest police station or the Samurdhi Authority.”