Jun 27, 2019

Gota is more suitable - Rohitha

Rohitha Rajapaksa, the youngest son of former president - Mahinda Rajapaksa has said that his uncle Gotabhaya would be more suitable if a Rajapaksa family member would come forward as the next presidential candidate.

During an interview with 'Hari TV', Rohitha was asked whether his oldest uncle - Chamal Rajapaksa or his younger uncle - former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa would be more suitable to be a presidential candidate.

Although Chamal Rajapaksa is suitable as well, an individual who is able to take strong, straight decisions is needed at the present he said, adding that Gotabhaya is more suitable on this regard.

Noting that it isn't suitable to over estimate that any candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa fields from his party could win, Rohitha added that a social trend had also already been created to attract youth votes.

The sinhala video of Rohitha's interview is as follows :

Video courtesy - hariTV