Jul 01, 2019

Matara lady officer stuns Police Dept Featured

Sri Lanka Mirror learns that the Police Department has been stunned by the story published in a weekend newspaper about a Female Police Constable named Kumari attached to Matara Police.

The report further reveals of a Superintendent of Police in Tangalle who used his official vehicle for an illicit trip.

The newspaper reported that the Superintendent of Police in Tangalle who was on a romantic trip with the said constable fell into serious trouble as the defender he was driving fell into a paddy field in Weeraketiya.

The Superintendent of Police has reportedly had to pay Rs. 1.2 million to fix the vehicle as it was proven during the investigation that the said female constable was also with him when the accident occurred.

Upon order of the acting IGP Chandana Wickramarathne a special investigation had been conducted regarding the female police constable.

The investigation had been an incident where an Army Corporal had been subjected to sever violence.

An Army Corporal named Thushara has visited Kumari's house as her sister had requested him to collect a bill from Kumari. As he went to the house she had been bathing and he has waited outside until she came out from the bathroom. As she came out she has blamed him saying that he came to her house to watch a bath. In response he has told her that he only came to collect the bill and gone to a neighboring house. She has come to that house with her brother and ripped his T-shirt. As the brother attempted to hit him with a club he has escaped with the help of the neighbors.

Later Police has come to his house in search of him and he has surrendered to Police later accompanied by a lawyer and he was detained for a night. He had been severely attacked by the OIC and the female police constable during detention, the newspaper reported.

Later he was admitted to Walasmulla Hospital and he has gone back to the Palali Army Camp after being discharged. His condition has again worsened and he has received retirement at Narahenpita Army Hospital for 8 days.

Upon order of IGP the said Police Constable had been later transferred to another police station in southern province.

Aggravated by the transfer constable has sought help from a high ranked officer in Tangalle, however as he did not offer help she has stormed out of the office after writing a one and half pages note stating that the police officer scolded her and she is getting admitted to hospital due to the stress caused by it.