Jul 07, 2019

Executioners prohibited to leave prison Featured

Prison officials say that the death penalty could be enacted at any moment and the Welikada Prison is getting ready for it.

It is learned that the clothes of four prisoners who were given the death sentence and the equipment including the rope are securely stored in an office room of an Assistant Superintendent of Welikada Prison.

Meanwhile, it is said that the two newly recruited executioners are kept in a secret location separated from the other officers and their identity is also being kept a secret.

The two executioners are also prohibited from leaving the prison.

It is said that the two executioners have been allotted a special room at the Welikada Correctional Training Division and are under the supervision of the Commissioner General of Prisons during the day.

Although the details of the four men to be sent to the gallows are not known, it is reported that the officials are conducting an inquiry into the legal status of it and the permanent orders of the prison.