Jul 11, 2019

Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman refuses development

Although Rs. 140 million has been allocated for the development of 140 roads in the Beliatta DS Division under the current government’s infrastructure development special programme, the development activities have been stalled due to the Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman’s objections.

He had written to the District Secretary that he would not be needing the 140 million allocated by the National Policy and Economic Ministry for the development of rural roads.

Upon inquiry, it was found that the reason for the Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman to refuse this allocation is his decision not to entrust the road development under his area to any other party.

The people of the area are caught up in this tug-of-war and claim that due to the hard-headed actions of the Chairman, the roads are in a dilapidated state making it hard for them to travel on them.

Hence, they have urged the authorities to renovate these roads in some manner.