Jul 13, 2019

Muslim Marriage and Divorce Laws amended: Ultra privileges for Muslim men abolished Featured

The group of Muslim MPs representing parliament have decided to amend several crucial clauses of the Muslim marriage and divorce laws, MP A.H.M. Fawzie told the media.

He said, accordingly, eight vital clauses including the age limit of marriage for Muslim women and clauses to seek their views would be included.

According to the current Muslim marriage and Divorce laws, once a girl attends age, the parents have the right to decide to give them in marriage.

However, the decision has been taken to amend the laws and set the minimum marriageable age for Muslim women at 18.

Further, according to the current laws, the discretion of the Muslim woman is not a considerable factor in marriage and it is her father or guardian who has the right to take the final decision regarding her marriage.

However, it has been decided upon to amend this clause and give the Muslim woman the right to decide on her marriage and also it will be made compulsory for the woman to sign the marriage document.

Fawzie noted that around eight of these vital amendments would be submitted to the Justice Minister very soon to obtain parliament approval.

Ultra privileged Muslim male

Meanwhile, social activist Shreen Abdul Saroor said that if the Muslim marriage laws are to be amended the ultra-privileged Muslim male should be abolished.

Expressing her views to a newspaper, she said, “According to the Muslim laws the Muslim men have been accorded unlimited powers. They have been given the right to decide on the marriage of their children. In fact, as it is not compulsory, according to Muslim marriage laws to register the marriage, the men have the ability to many any number of times and not just four times. It is the Muslim men who take all the decisions and enforce all these laws. Hence, these laws need to be changed,” she said.