Jul 17, 2019

The 'guard-dog' donkey in Kalpitiya (Pics)

According to Sinhalese idioms, a donkey attempting to do a dog's work would eventually set course for disaster.

However, an amusing story about a donkey taking up a canine's duties with no issues whatsoever is reported from a Buddhist temple in the Kandakuliya area of Kalpitiya.

The donkey's mother had died when it was quite young and as a result, it was raised under the protection of Ven. Bediwewa Diyasena Thera, with the dogs at the temple.

The Thera says that the young donkey takes his 'guard dog' duties quite seriously as it starts to bray loudly when strangers enter the temple.

However, the Thera says that when it comes to mealtimes, no pack scuffles are involved.

(Pics : Priyankara Kalupahana)