Jul 19, 2019

Kanjipani’s illegal operations active despite being in custody Featured

Intelligence reports have revealed that despite being in custody of the Colombo Crimes Division after being deported from Dubai, underworld gang leader Kanjipani Imran’s drug operations through Pakistan is still active.

It has also been revealed that while in custody, Kanjipani Imran had operated his drug racket by contacting his local agents through telephone and even while in Dubai he had run his drug operations through the Pakistani drug network.

Although it has been revealed that Kanjipani Imran had used his disciples and carried out several killings in Sri Lanka while he was in Dubai, so far none of the weapons used for these killings have been taken into custody.
Under these circumstances, his lawyers are attempting to have him released from the custody of the CCD and remanded. However, given the corruption within the prison system there are concerns that Kanjipani’s drug operations would become more powerful if he is remanded.

414 nabbed over drug racketeering in prison

Due to committing offences while in prison over the past 19 months, 414 inmates have been punished for their repeat offences while in prison. In 2018 the number that was punished stood at 234, in 2019 so far 178 such prisoners have been punished for repeat offences by the Prison Inspection Board, according to then Personal Secretary of the Prisons Commissioner General S.B. Wijeratne.

The offences they had committed are possession of heroin while in prison, use of mobile phones, attacking each other and similar offences.