Jul 19, 2019

Fairway Tower not required for Colombo transmission Featured

The agreement pertaining to the transmission tower fixed onto the Rajagiriya Fairway Holdings Housing complex has not been renewed since April as it is not vital for the Rupavahini and Eye Channel transmissions, a Rupavahini Spokesman told Sri Lanka Mirror.

He said the reason is that their transmission towers are scheduled to be established at Lotus Tower shortly.

He said this in response to reports that Rupavahini and Eye channels were not clear in Colombo and surrounding areas due to the power supply to this tower being disconnected as the power bills over the past several months amounting to Rs. 799,000 had not been paid.

However, he said this power bill has to be settled by Fairway holdings.

According to him, although this transmission tower is not vital for their transmission, the tower would enhance their frequencies.

The Spokesman added that currently their transmissions to Colombo and suburbs is being done through the Piduruthalagala tower. However, there are media reports that the power bills at Piduruthalagala has also not been settled and they had been issued red notices.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that the Rupavahini Corporation has an outstanding of Rs. 350 million for World Cup telecast rights, Rs.250 million for bank overdrafts and Rs. 60 million for purchasing of tele-dramas.

It is also reported that Rupavahini is recording losses due to its excess staff cadre.

It is reported that around 1000 staff members are employed and the monthly cost for their payments is around Rs. 80 million.

However, the maximum number of employees even at the leading television stations in the country is only around 300.

While the monthly operations cost of the Rupavahini Corporation is around Rs. 220 million, their monthly income is only around Rs. 100-120 million.