Jul 19, 2019

Why Selacine isn't releasing Enterprise Sri Lanka money? Featured

Although the Department of Government Information had financed an advertising campaign for the Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition in Moneragala, the money was not given to 'The Kiss', the company that carried out the advertising campaign, as it has obtained the project without following the standard tender procedure, said a spokesperson of Selacine.

The exhibition was held in Monaragala from August 18 to 23 last year and the payments are to be made for several animations created by The Kiss. However, The Kiss Company has obtained an advance payment of Rs. 1.5 million for this from Selacine.

It is reported that The Kiss has to be paid another Rs. 3,975,000.

The spokesperson further stated that although the advance was given to the company with the signature of a then head of the company following an order given by him,releasing money for the balance payment is difficult as they have not followed the tender procedure.

As the company, which is not familiar with advertising, had created advertisements of 18, 23 and 24 seconds , they have had to face a lot of problems when telecasting them and trying to get money from the Ministry of Information to pay for the media houses that telecast them, the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, The Director of The Kiss Company, Janaka Thilakaratne has told a weekend newspaper that as the general manager of Selacine has not approved the release of money they have not been able to get their payment.

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