Jul 20, 2019

Hemasiri’s secrets revealed to CID! Featured

Former Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando is said to have revealed previously undisclosed information to the CID regarding the Easter Sunday attacks.

It is reported that having given a 09 hour statement to the CID as per the orders of the courts, Hemasiri is said to have revealed vital information with proof regarding those who should be held responsible for the Easter Sunday attacks and those who had failed to take measures to prevent it.

Hemasiri Fernando is said to have revealed for the first time the manner in which the intelligence information was received, those who were officially aware of the information and those who had failed to take appropriate action to prevent the incident.

He had also revealed how the intelligence information had been received from overseas way before the attacks and how certain parties had notified the higher authorities as unverified information.

Those who had failed to analyse the information received according to international methods, and how the information was taken lightly over 14 days and also by sharing this information foolishly over WhatsApp how the doors had been opened for the perpetrators to carry out their attacks.


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