Jul 25, 2019

Enterprise Sri Lanka will be implemented to develop SL - PM

Prime Minister vowed to implement the Enterprise Sri Lanka initiative to make Sri Lanka a developed country by empowering the entrepreneurs. 

The Prime Minister made this statement during the opening of the second Enterprise Sri Lanka National Exhibition held at the Walisinghe Harischandra Grounds in Anuradhapura yesterday (24).

The four day event was organised by the Finance Ministry and the Prime Minister visited the Entrepreneur zone first during his tour of the exhibition.

The Exhibition will continue for four days until July 27. The exhibition will zones presenting exhibits from seven different sectors, namely the Entrepreneurs zone, State and Private Sector zone, Education zone, Green zone, Innovative Productions zone and, Media zone.

The PM then visited the state and private sector zones.

The measures taken to uplift the Rajarata and Anuradhapura Entrepreneurs was showcased at this event and the visiting dignitaries then visited the agriculture zone.

The PM commended the efforts taken to develop the agriculture sector of Anuradhapura which is renowned for its agricultural history.
The Prime Minister then visited the media zone.

The Media zone featuring a majority of the country’s electronic and print media institutions, was of special interest as they create public awareness about the duties and responsibilities of the media sector and the PM also visited the Lake House media booth.

Expressing his views at this exhibition, the Prime Minister said that with such exhibitions the government intends to promote entrepreneurship and create an attitude shift in the minds of the people, adding that the government is ready to assist in this endeavour.

He said by promoting such exhibitions throughout the country and motivating new entrepreneurs, the government intends to make Sri Lanka an entrepreneurs paradise.

As in the past, Anuradhapura will win the world – Finance Min.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera said, “In the past Anuradhapura had done trade with the world. There is evidence to support this through the numerous coins and other objects discovered during archaeological excavations. Hence, like in the past we will empower the entrepreneurs and win the world trade. Through this exhibition, we intend to empower the entrepreneurs.”

Ministers P. Harrrison, Chandrani Bandara, Malik Samarawickrama, Kabir Hashim, Eran Wickramaratne, Ruwan Wijewardena and several ministry secretaries and other officials attended the event.