Jul 26, 2019

Waste importer Sasikumaran admits fault : Media briefing to clear Hayleys today Featured

In an e-mail sent to the Group Director of Hayleys Advantis Ltd Asanka Ratnayake, the owner of Ceylon Metal Processing Corporation (pvt) Ltd Sasikumaran Muthuramar had apologised for the crisis caused by the import of waste from the UK to Sri Lanka.

He had notified the Hayleys Group Director that he believes that Hayleys Free Zone had been accused over this incident unfairly and had agreed to accept all responsibility and blame for this issue and release Hayleys Free
Zone from this whole debacle, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.

The email also notes that Sasikumaran has scheduled as media briefing at Hotel Nipon, 123, Kumaran Ratnam Road, Colombo 02 at 3.30 PM today (26) where he would accept all responsibility and clear Hayleys from all

It was Sri Lanka Mirror who first revealed that it was Sasikumaran Muthuramar who was responsible for the import of these used mattresses and that he is a Director of Ceylon Metal Processing Corporation (pvt) Ltd and
also the name of the company which sent this consignment of waste from the UK Vengaads ltd.

He said that ETL Colombo had chosen Hayleys Free Zone for the re-processing and re-export of this stock of used mattresses which was imported by Ceylon Metal Processing Corporation.

Hayleys Free Zone

Hayleys Free Zone is a legitimate company established for the storage of re-export goods from global zones registered under the 2013 No 1 Act.

Ananda Sagara Thera planning on storming the media conference

Meanwhile, the President of the ‘Surakimu Sri Lanka’ (Protect SL) movement Ven. Pahiyangala Ananda Thera is said to be planning on storming the media
briefing to be held today.