Jul 27, 2019

Serious breakdown in the country’s management Featured

The former Chairman of the Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce Chandra Jayaratne warns that due to the various extremist activities in the country and the breakdown of proper management, if the debts cannot be successfully met by 2019 the debts could increase and the country could face serious breakdown by around 2023.

He says not just on national political level but even internationally extremism is being used to fulfil these sinister intentions.

He said currently he sees a Complete Governance Failure never witnessed before and this has affected both the state and private sector.

Jayaratne noted that as the management of expenses, decision making, legal activities, resolving of issues, investment decisions and control of monies being sent out of the country is not being done properly the country has destabilised. He added that if the country is run in this manner for another six months, no matter who comes to power, running the country would not be easy.

He added that Sri Lanka has now been listed in the grey list in terms of money laundering and terrorism funding, warning that if measures are not taken to implement the recommendations there is a serious possibility of Sri Lanka being listed under the Dark Grey list.