Jul 27, 2019

Younger brother in UK sent waste to older brother! Featured

It has been revealed that the waste containers had been sent to Ceylon Metal Processing Corporation (pvt) Ltd by a company belonging to Sasikumaran Muthuramar’s brother.

The waster containers that were sent to Ceylon Metal Processing Corporation (pvt) Ltd owned by Sasikumaran Muthuramar had been sent by a company belonging to his younger brother Muthuramar Vengadesh in the UK known as Vengaads ltd.

From January 01, 2018 Muthuramar Vengadesh had resigned from his post as a Director of Vengaads Ltd and in his place had appointed Muthuramar Sasikumaran, the owner of Ceylon Metal Processing Corporation (pvt) Ltd.

Accordingly, the current status is that Muthuramar Sasikumaran holds the ownership of the company which exported the waste and the company which imported the waste.

 Image 1

The details of the appointment is as follows.

Image 2
It is clear that the exporters and importers were well aware that the consignment of waste was cloth based waste. It clearly states in No 2 that these are used cloth based waste. In NO. 3 it clearly shows that Muthuramar Sasikumaran’s brother Muthuramar Vengadesh had signed the documents on behalf of both companies.