Aug 03, 2019

Immigration, Emigration Dept. scam enabling underworld members to escape the country! Featured

The intelligence units have commenced a broad investigation regarding several Immigration and Emigration Department officials who had been involved in facilitating the overseas escape of underworld members, it is reported.

The most recent incident is where the underworld mastermind known as ‘B’ who was involved in the shooting of a businessman in Jambugasmulla on July 28th, being assisted to escape to Dubai.

Although this criminal had fled the country on July 28th, the records on the Immigration and Emigration data shows that the said underworld member had left the country on July 26th and that he had not returned to the
country. However, upon investigation the intelligence units have discovered that the underworld racketeer known as Babi had in fact, left the country on July 28th.

It has been revealed that what had happened was that the passport of the said criminal had been taken to the Katunayake Airport on July 26th and his passport details had been entered into the computer system, indicating that
he had left the country on that day. The Immigration Emigration officer responsible has also been identified by the intelligence units.

It has been revealed that such incidents has been taking place over the recent past.

Intelligence units noted that several drug racketeers had also fled the country in this manner including a female.