Aug 04, 2019

$117.4 m loss to be incurred from Antonov overhaul Featured

The contract to overhaul 3 Antonov 32 B aircraft belonging to the Sri Lanka Air Force(SLAF) is to be awarded to a Ukrainian company named Ukrinmash incurring a cost over 2 million dollars.

Earlier in 2016, the aircraft were scheduled to be delivered to a Russian aeronautical company – M/s Limited Liability Company MFG, but was discontinued due to objections from top Sri Lankan Air Force officials, due to company's lack of experience in repairing aircraft of that type.

However, after this company repaired Antonov 32 B in 2013 the aircraft was destroyed in an air crash. It is said that the company does not have the "Antonov Design Bureau" certification.

Antonov 32 B type SCM-869 (S / NO 3504), SMC863 (S / NO 3508) and mscm 860 (S / N3501) aircraft manufactured in Ukraine are to be repaired.

However, a group of officials attached to Ministry of Defense and the Presidential Secretariat are working on a plan to give the tender to Ukrinmash, without cancelling the old tender when there are cheaper aircraft repair companies in Ukraine.

It is reported that a relative of alleged former Secretary of Ministry of Defense is behind the tender.

It is said that Sri Lanka is incurring a loss of 117.4 million rupees from the said transaction.