Aug 07, 2019

19 Ruhuna Uni students remanded

The Matara Magistrate Isuru Nettikumara had ordered nineteen students from the Ruhuna University to be remanded, including the President of the General Student Union and seniors, over an incident where a first year student had been sexually harassed during ragging.

The group was remanded after they surrendered to the Matara Police.

They were presented to court under the 1988 No. 20 Ragging Act.

Prior to being taken to prison, one of the suspects had taken ill while in the court cell.

Accordingly, the ill student had been taken to the Matara hospital in a 1990 Suwaseriya Ambulance.

He is currently receiving treatment in hospital under prison custody. 

The charges against the students is that they had inhumanely tortured a first year 22-year-old student at the Medawatte student hostel.

The student had convened a media briefing and revealed the details of his torture. Subsequently, the police had initiated an investigation.