Aug 07, 2019

Combined allowance of teachers on exam duty slashed Featured

The Examinations Commissioner’s letter dated 2019.07.27, the combined allowance granted to officers on GCE A/L and Year 5 scholarship examination duties has been cut off, the All Ceylon Teachers Union alleges.

In a statement they state that officials on duty for over 12 hours are entitled to the combined allowance under the Establishment Code and based on the State Administration circular 20/2018 issued on 2018.08.21, this
allowance had been increased.

So far this allowance was granted to coordinating officers, assistant coordinating officers and workers at the centres engaged in examination duties.

According to the Examination Commissioner’s circular, it has been recommended to pay a paltry sum of Rs. 600 for a coordinating officer on examination duty, assistant coordinator Rs. 50 and a worker at the centre Rs. 300.

However, according to the above mentioned circular, the officers receiving a salary of Rs. 32,779 would be paid Rs. 700, those with a basic salary of Rs. 32,780 to 43,479 would be paid Rs. 800, those drawing a salary above
Rs. 43,480 would be paid an allowance of Rs. 1000. In addition if they are engaged on duty for over 24 hours, an additional 50% would be paid, according to the Union General Secretary Joseph Stalin.

He claims that depriving the officers on examination duty of their entitled allowance, it is a grave injustice to them.

Hence, he urged that instead of slashing the combined allowance for officers on examination duty, the State Administration Ministry circular be adhered to and these officers be paid their due allowances.

The relevant notice is shown below.

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